June 20, 2009

Melissa & Phil Get Married!

Yesterday, I shot Melissa and Phil’s wedding at her parents beautiful home in South Barrington. When we woke up in the morning, the weather was terrible. There were downed trees, flooded streets… all signs pointing to the fact that their outdoor wedding may be in trouble. However, the clouds cleared just in time for the ceremony and, sure enough, the rain started coming down once everyone was at the reception. By that point, it didn’t matter. Photos were taken (even if we had to rush to beat the weather), vowels were said and Melissa and Phil were married.

Here are some shots from their day:

Can everyone buy this piece of furniture to hang their dress on?


Melissa was super excited to be wearing “The One” perfume:

Maybe one of my favorite bridal portraits EVER:

We don’t want to forget about the guys:

But I LOVE this shot I caught of the girls. How fierce are they?

The outdoor ceremony:

And one sweet dance shot from the reception: