June 14, 2011

Morgan & Brian :: Lemont Wedding

Morgan and Brian’s wedding was this past Saturday. They were married in Lemont and had their reception at Ruffled Feathers. I had spoken to Morgan about photos several times leading up to their big day, so I was especially excited. These two were prepared! They scouted out photo locations weeks before the wedding and even sent me photos of some of their ideas so that we could choose what would work best. The forecast had predicted rain for several days, and we wanted to make sure to have a back-up plan. However, we lucked out and the rain held off long enough for all of our photos!

Ultimately, we ended up shooting most of our portraits at Tampier Lake. I am absolutely in love with this location. Morgan knew that we needed something interesting. So, she found a spot with lots of old row boats, a dock and picnic tables. I could’ve shot there for hours! Even better, this is the spot where Morgan and Brian had their first date. How perfect is it to revisit it on their wedding day?

It was a great wedding day with a great couple. Hopefully, they love these sneak peeks. (Thanks to Kathleen Thame for second shooting with me for a large chunk of the day!)

Morgan had a beautiful dress!

Morgan’s mom’s house was beauty central. I love when all the girls are getting ready together (especially in a space with lots of light).

Love this moment.

Why don’t more couples do big exits? Are they out of fashion? I love shooting them!

How awesome are these boats?

Kristen from Kio Kreations made BEAUTIFUL flowers!

Morgan is GORGEOUS.

What a fun group of gals!

We headed to downtown Lemont for a few more photos.

A couple from the first dance.

The minute I took this photo, I knew I’d want to end the blog post with it. This pictures speaks volumes about these two. This wedding was really for Morgan. She planned it, she chose all the details, she made sure everything was taken care of. Brian only wanted one thing: Morgan.