June 9, 2017

Nalika & Dan :: Indian Wedding Ceremony


Last week, we flew to Washington D.C. so that we could attend–and so that I could photograph–the wedding of my wife, Sona’s, cousin, Nalika. Nalika and Dan celebrated their nuptials over the course of a couple days, but Saturday was the main event. The day began with a traditional Indian ceremony at the Sri Siva Vishnu temple just outside of D.C., and then it ended with a more modern and intimate evening ceremony and cocktail party back in the city.

I was so happy to be part of Nalika and Dan’s day–both as a guest and as the photographer. I love shooting all sorts of weddings, as they are each unique, but Indian weddings are particularly fun for a photographer. They are full of color and texture and movement–basically a photog’s dream!

So, I’ll be sharing Nalika and Dan’s day over the course of two blog posts, starting with the morning ceremony. Here are some sneak peeks from that event. More from the evening ceremony coming, Monday!


Nalika’s family helped Dan’s mom into what I think was probably her first sari.


And then they helped Nalika into hers.


There was some shoe-stealing, of course.

At this part in the ceremony, the priest told Nalika and Dan that whoever sat down first would, essentially, rule the roost.