November 8, 2009

Nancy and John Wed

Nancy and John got married this past weekend at a beautiful venue in St. Charles. They were lucky to get a stretch of warm weather and we couldn’t have asked for a better day for lots of photos. Speaking of photos, Nancy was thoughtful enough to leave nearly 3 hours for portraits. Though having that much time isn’t always a reality, it definitely gives me time to do my thing without the pressure of a reception starting in 20 minutes. Though she meticulously organized the schedule beforehand, Nancy and John were all smiles throughout their big day. They were warm and relaxed and that made everyone around them absolutely joyful. They are flying to China as I type this, but I hope they get a chance to look at some of these teasers:

I love that Nancy’s dad was helping take the rollers out of her hair:

Beautiful bride:

Nancy and John made the smart decision to do a first look. I was able to capture their first expressions is ways that I’d NEVER be able to do during the ceremony. I love this next series so much that I couldn’t post just one.

There is so much emotion in this photo: