September 4, 2009

Rosemary Beach Report

Well, folks, it is the sad truth that all vacations must come to an end. And as happy as I am to be back to my furries and to all of you, leaving Rosemary Beach was a difficult task. It was the first vacation with my parents since I was 10 years old and possibly the last vacation for Sona and I for a couple of years. Some of you know and some of you don’t, but my partner is a genius. Yep–I said it. She is also very modest, so I better not let her read this! Anyway, she’s entering the 2nd year of anesthesia school and our lives will be put on hold for the next 24 months.

So it is back to the “real world” for us. I’ve got 2 weddings this weekend and they are for 2 of my favorite couples! Plenty of blog love coming your way. In the meantime, here are some shots from our trip. Keep in my that even photographers break out the point-and-shoot cameras every now and then!

Our wonderful home for the stay. When can I move here?

Mom & Sona checking out the pool:

My rents:

Rich’s only request was that we went deep sea fishing. Since he was stuck with 3 gals for the trip, we figured we could grant him this one wish. Truthfully, I didn’t think getting up at 4AM and baiting a hook sounded like much fun. How wrong was I! It was great. And look at all the fish we caught:

The view leaving the marina:

We got to take it all home in filets. When our boat docked, it parked right near a restaurant where we took our fish and they cooked it for us. So, our lunch was what we had caught only hours earlier!

Most of our days, however, were spent right here…

Which is why we got a bit of sun. Just a bit.

Isn’t life better when you’re sunburnt? I sure think so.