September 8, 2011

Sarah & Neil :: Spiaggia Wedding

Sarah and Neil were married this past weekend in what can only be described as the classic downtown Chicago wedding. Their ceremony was at St. John’s in Lincoln Park, and they had their reception at Spiaggia on Michigan Ave.

Sarah and Neil decided to do a first look. So, before the ceremony, we were able to shoot a few portraits over by the river. Then, after the ceremony, we shot some more photos right on Michigan Ave. As always, doing the first look allowed for much more shooting time.

The Spiaggia reception space was absolutely beautiful, and I’m so happy to have shot there! The food was ah-maz-ing and, let’s be honest, when can you say that about wedding food?

Everything about Sarah and Neil’s wedding was classic, intimate and oh-so-Chicago. I’m glad I got to be a part of it.

All brides need a protein bar or two before their big day! (Sarah actually had “must eat snack” on the schedule. LOVE it.)


In true Chicago form, the first look was windy. Love this wind blown kiss I caught right after they saw each other for the first time.

Sarah doesn’t think she’s photogenic. I beg to differ.

Though the church was beautiful, it was difficult to shoot it. It was very, very dark and I wasn’t allowed to use flash or get closer than 20 feet. I managed to get some great shots, though.


Time for more portraits!

Sarah and Neil are a classic couple in every way. So, they wanted some of the classic Chicago shots.

LOVE this light.

And this door.

The reception was outfitted with beautiful florals by Fleur De Lis. They were graphic and clean and colorful–my favorite!

And a couple from the choreographed dance that–if I may say–was the best choreographed dance I’ve seen yet.