April 4, 2011

Sarah, Krishant & Max :: Nashville Maternity Photos

I just got home from Nashville, TN–yee haw! I was there to celebrate my 29th birthday and, while I was there, I shot a maternity session in Centennial Park with Sarah and Krishant.

Sarah and Krishant are family. So, when we heard they were expecting their first child and that they’d be pregnant when we were in Nashville, I knew we’d have to shoot some pictures of that baby bump. Sarah was such a huge help! She came to the shoot with a whole suitcase full of props (a baby blanket, blocks, and books), and she had a ton of ideas for photos. I love when I’m not the only one thinking ahead for a shoot!

Max is due in early June, and you’ll probably be seeing him again. We can’t wait to meet our little nephew, and I can’t wait to get him in front of the camera! Until then, enjoy these sneak peaks of the two–I mean three–of them.

Yeah–Sarah didn’t gain an ounce of weight anywhere but in her belly. I actually had to tell her to “poke it out” during the session. Ridiculous! (I guess that’s what running marathons will do for you.)

I love this one.

To say Krishant loves cars is an understatement. Max’s room is going to be done in a BMW theme (no–I’m not kidding). So, they brought some of Krishant’s old Hot Wheels, and he asked if he could drive them on Sarah’s belly.

Then we had lots of fun with the blocks.

Congrats, you two! We can’t wait to be aunties.