September 18, 2011

Stacen & Joe :: Loyola Engagement Session

Stacen and Joe’s engagement session taught me two things:

1. I should shoot more portrait sessions in the morning. I always tell clients that golden hour is, “one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset.” And, 99% of the time, they opt to shoot in the evening. However, Stacen and Joe wanted to meet bright and early. Not only did we have the whole Loyola campus to ourselves (more on that later), but we also had the most AHMAZING light. Seriously. It was GORGEOUS.

2. Loyola’s campus doesn’t get enough credit. I’ve shot at a lot of college campuses, but–after living 10 minutes from it for 7 years–I’ve never even been on Loyola’s beautiful lakefront campus. Holy heck–why didn’t anyone tell me? Can we please shoot there again very, very soon?

Stacen actually went to graduate school at Loyola, so it was a personal place for them. I’m glad it was! We had a beautiful shoot during my favorite time of year; it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold. It was a breathtaking morning, and I’m so glad that these two go to have that for their big photo day.

See what I mean about that light?

Then we found this door. Yeah–I about fell over with glee.

When things got a little cool, Stacen pulled out this blanket… that she knit herself!