April 13, 2011

Things I Adore :: Favorite Non-Photography Blogs

In an attempt to blog more regularly–especially during the winter months when I don’t shoot as often–and in an attempt to blog about personal stuff more often, I’m starting a new series called “Things I Adore.” What will I be posting in these posts? Yep, you guessed it: I’ll be posting about the things I really, really, really like!

For my first “Things I Adore” post, I think it is only right to talk about blogs. Yes, folks. This is a blog post about blog posts.

When people ask me how I learned to run my own photography business, I often joke that I went to the University of Blogs. And really, I’m not joking. I imagine that I’ve spent more time on blogs–especially photography blogs–to warrant an honorary degree of some sort. I read blogs obsessively. I do it because I want to learn more. I do it because I want to be inspired. And, to be honest, I do it because I’m easily bored. If I’m at home, chances are that I probably have my computer in my lap and a blog on my screen.

My blog list (and I’m sure you have your own list, too) can be easily categorized: photography blogs, food blogs, home blogs, style blogs, my-animals-are-cuter-than-yours blogs, and the occasional I’m-a-Mormon-mommy blog. Of course, I mostly look at photography blogs. However, in an effort to talk about things that aren’t specifically related to photography, I thought that I’d show you some of my favorite non-photography blogs. These are all blogs that are on my must-read-every-single-day list. Hopefully, you’ll love them as much as I do.

1. Cannelle et Vanille

Okay, I’ll admit my adoration of this blog kind of has to do with photography. Kind of. But really, I was first attracted to Aran’s delicious and healthful recipes. I’m a foodie, and this is “real” food. Plus, Aran is one of the best food photographers and stylists I’ve ever seen.

2. Reagan’s Blob

Sometimes, I read a blog because I get so caught up in the blogger’s personal story that I can’t quit. Reagan is a mommy, a hair-stylist, and a fashionista living in NYC. She’s honest and silly and self-deprecating (all things that I adore). And seeing photos of her completely adorable daughter, Piper Jane, will make your day better.

3. Cute Overload

I mean, really, do I even have to justify this one? Who doesn’t need their daily dose of baby animal cuteness? This blog is perfect for when our 9 pets (yes, 9 animals live in my house) aren’t giving us enough “squeeeee!” moments.

4. Young House Love

My interest in home design isn’t really that different than my interest in photography. Basically, I like things that look interesting and pretty. Sherry and John are raising a baby, a chihuahua and remodeling/redecorating a (new) old house. They are crafty and funny. They give great tips and tutorials. And–like so many of these other blogs–they inspire me to make my home a place I adore.

5. Oh Joy

Joy of Oh Joy does it all. She’s a graphic designer, a writer, a consultant, a fashionista and–my favorite–a foodie! Her site is just pure, well, joy. There’s always plenty of eye candy, and I really love her aesthetic sensibility. This blog is like the best fashion/home/food magazine you’ve ever read.

6. Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard’s blog is a lifestyle blog–much like Oh Joy. Again, each time I visit Cup of Jo I leave ready to take a new picture or buy a new outfit or travel somewhere I’ve never considered. She also has a new baby, Toby, that makes several appearances. So, if all her other great content doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always look at her ridiculously sweet son.

7. Making It Lovely

As if Nicole’s divine sense of style doesn’t give you enough reason to visit Making It Lovely, she’s also a Chicagoan. Hip, hip, hooray for Chicago bloggers! I’ve been following Nicole’s blog for quite some time–through the remodeling of her Oak Park home, through the evolution of her business Pink & Brown, and–in recent years–through the adventures she’s been having while starting a family. Making It Lovely embraces everything that’s fabulous about being a pink-loving, art-making girl!