September 23, 2012

Tracy & Dan :: Chicago Wedding

Tracy and Dan were married this past weekend at St. Joseph’s in downtown Chicago. They had their reception at South Branch–a newer restaurant right on the river.

I absolutely love shooting fall weddings in Chicago! I can definitely understand why September is one of the most popular months for weddings in the city; it’s most certainly my favorite time of year. Aside from having cooler temperatures, the fall months boast the most beautiful light of the year. Yes–the sun sets a little earlier. But, if you can shoot right before that happens, you’ll catch some of the softest light you’ve ever seen!

This post is a little portrait-heavy, I admit. Not only were Tracy and Dan (a Chicago police officer!) a great couple to photograph, but they also allowed for 2.5 full hours of photos on their big day. This much time let us hit several spots around the city, and we never felt rushed! That makes such a huge difference in the resulting pictures!

I hope you love these sneak peeks as much as I do, Tracy and Dan! Enjoy your honeymoon in Greece. I’m super jealous, but you know where to find me if you need good restaurant advice. 😉

Everyone was SO excited to see Tracy’s hair!

Tracy warned me that she hates her profile, but I couldn’t resist posting this (and another) profile shot. I mean, who’s she kidding? She’s freaking GORGEOUS!

Tracy was literally GLOWING on the way to the church. She was so excited and nervous.

I love, love, love this shot. The expressions on both Dan’s and Tracy’s father’s face are priceless during this moment.

Exchanging rings.


The flowers were BEAUTIFUL and were the perfect palette for early fall.

Love this shot of the bridal party at the Lily Pond.

Some of my all-time favorite bridal portraits.

We shot at Olive Park. It was my first time at this much-photographed spot, and now I can see why it’s so popular!

I’m not really the “give her a twirl” kinda photographer, but I just couldn’t resist

The first dance.

And one silly shot from the photobooth to end with!