May 7, 2010

Vicky and Kevin

Vicky and Kevin got married last week at the Tinley Park Metra station. I had a great time shooting at such a unique venue. These two are no strangers. Last year, I shot Cassy’s wedding (Vicky’s sister) and, very shortly, I’ll be shooting Kit’s wedding (Kevin’s sister). It’s nice to show up to a wedding and see so many familiar faces! It was a wonderful night.

Love this shot of Kit:

A couple from the ceremony:

It’s official!

I loved how colorful the dresses were!

Tough guys:

Vicky and Kevin have a golden retriever. When they opened their cards to each other, it was obvious that they were thinking alike.

I adore the light in this photo. And they look so peaceful.

It was so great to see Cassy and Dewey! They also had some BIG news for me: THEY ARE PREGNANT! Love when my past couples start their families.

And one fun shot from the end of the night: